Electrostatic Support, Electrostatic Charging

Unpleasant effects of static electricity are already well-known. People experience uncomfortable discharges. Materials stick together. Discharges cause material damage or even fire.

However, electrostatic charge can be also very helpful! Materials can be attached temporarily to one another – static electricity is an invisible helping hand in your production! This method is already being used in many manufacturing processes.

Using static electricity to join materials and other applications

Devices Overview for Electrostatic Charging:

• Charging generators ChargeMaster Tiny (CM Tiny), CM Lite, CM5

• Charging bars HD-C, HD-R, Pinner Easy

• Charging electrodes Pinner 5 Point, Pinner Linear 6 Point, Pinner Claw

• Device for count up the number of plastic bags Perfomaster

• Set of devices for In Mould Labeling