Customer Service, Repair, Spare Parts

  • As part of an individual business case, we offer the possibility of a personal visit from our employees, but also the possibility of a personal visit from our specialized colleagues from the represented companies to you in your production.
  • We offer the possibility of demonstrating the operation of the designed devices both in our company and directly in your production, so that you can try and test the device before purchasing.
  • For demanding projects, there is the option of sending material samples to our business partners, who will perform tests directly in their laboratories.
  • We pay attention to our customers on an ongoing basis even after the installation of individual devices has been completed. Depending on their needs, they can rely on the possibility of ordering original spare parts, and high-quality warranty and post-warranty service. Most spare parts are readily available right here at our company.

Call us / send us an email and describe your problem. We will solve it over the phone or send a technician to you.

We look forward to mutual cooperation


We offer trainings focused on 2 key topics: static electricity and surface treatment. Our trainings are aimed at providing knowledge and practical skills in these areas.

Static electricity training is designed to help you understand and effectively resolve static electricity challenges in your work environment. During the training, you will learn the basic principles of static electricity, the potential problems and risks associated with it, as well as practical measures to reduce static charge and to protect sensitive equipment and materials.

Surface treatment training includes concepts such as corona treatment, plasma treatment and fluorination. We will introduce you to various surface treatment techniques and processes, their advantages and industrial use. Our training will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the methods, equipment and materials used in these treatments, as well as with practical applications and effects on the resulting surface.

Our trainings are conducted by experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the respective fields. Our goal is to create an interactive environment that encourages active  participation and allows you to gain hands-on experience through demonstrations and exercises.

If you are interested in any of the trainings listed above, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information about the content and duration of each training and about available dates.