About LONTECH – surface treatment, s.r.o.

The term Surface treatment generally include a wide range of different surface treatment technologies. Since 1995, we have been helping companies in all areas of industry with the pretreatment of surfaces with corona, plasma and fluorination. Together, we solve issues caused by static electricity in production.

LONTECH-surface treatment, s.r.o. is focused primarily on these technologies and applications:

  • static electricity elimination and static electricity use (electrostatic charging) in many areas of industry
  • surface treatment with atmospheric or low-pressure plasma / corona / fluorination (activation, surface cleaning)
  • creating layers and coatings on the surface to improve surface properties
  • contactless cleaning or drying of surfaces with rotary or fixed nozzles, air knives or suction heads
  • contact surface cleaning
  • cooling with vortex tubes

For the Czech and Slovak Republics, we represent the world’s largest companies in the field of using static electricity and compressed air technology (Simco – ION, VORTEC, Ahlbrandt, Fluor Technik System GmbH with its own technology for increasing the adhesion of plastics. Our business representation also includes German company Plasmatreat, a leader in the field of atmospheric plasma application using compressed air and electrical energy.

Thanks to the partnership with the company TEKNEK, we specialize in the application of devices for contact cleaning of surfaces of sheets, plates, PCBs and roll-to-roll materials in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The rotary air cleaning nozzles of the company Imm Cleaning Solutions GmbH in our close partnership are complemented with the ionizers of the company Simco – ION.

Most of the companies we represent are part of the ITW (Illinois Tool Works) international group.

Among our satisfied customers are companies from the automotive, printing, plastics, packaging, paper and electronics industries.

We look forward to working with you as well.


Ing. Jiří Lonský – LONTECH becomes the exclusive sales representative of the Dutch company Simco – ION and the American company Vortec for the Czech and Slovak Republics.

We are taking over the exclusive dealership of the German company Ahlbrandt.

For the Czech and Slovak Republics, we are starting exclusive business cooperation with Fluor Technik System GmbH, based in Germany.

We are starting to cooperate with the rapidly growing German technology company Plasmatreat with an international presence.

The company TEKNEK becomes part of the ITW (Illinois Tool Works) group and appropriately complements the assortment of other companies.

LONTECH – surface treatment, s.r.o. is established and the dealership transfers to a new legal entity.

IMM Cleaning Solutions GmbH joins the group of our exclusive sales representations.

Simco-ION transfers to Ziegener&Frick GmbH a part of the production program related to cleaning devices for 3D cleaning and Web Cleaning. At the same time, we also continue to supply materials and devices for protection against ESD electrostatic discharge.

We represent companies

for Czech Republic and Slovak Republic


Unique Use of Compressed Air


Atmospheric and Low-Pressure Plasma for Activation, Cleaning, Coating


Corona and Plasma for Adjustment of Adhesion