Simco ION

ovládání statické elektřiny


vírové trubice, transvectory


úpravy povrchů atmosférickou plazmou


úpravy povrchů koronou a plazmou


rotační vzduchové trysky

Ziegener + Frick

vzduchové nože napájené dmychadlem

Solutions to Electrostatic Issues, and Use of Static Electricity for Electrostatic Charging

Unique Use of Compressed Air – Vortex Tubes for Cooling and Heating, Blowing off, Suction, Conveying Applications

Openair® – Plasma Technology for Surface Activation and Coating

Corona and Plasma – Appliances for Increasing Adhesion Properties of Materials during Printing, Laminating and Bonding

Rotating Cleaning Nozzles for Industrial Applications in All Sectors

Blower driven Air Knife Systems, Cleaning Systems 3D Cleaning, Web Cleaning


PF 2024

Lontech – surface treatment, s r. o. wishes you electrostatically balanced Christmas and New Year 2024

PF 2023

Simco-Ion Antistatic Bars will Guide You Safely to Finish