Web Cleaning – Contactless Cleaning of Films, Paper, Cardboard, Textiles, etc.

Systems for neutralization of static electricity and cleaning of materials (Web Cleaner)

These systems include antistatic bars, brushes, suction-hoods as well as blowing with compressed air and are primarily intended for the cleaning and neutralization of materials unwound from rolls or sheets of materials (plastic films, paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, textiles, various combinations of materials, etc. ).

Typical Applications:
  • Printing
  • Production of corrugated cardboard and cardboard
  • Lamination
  • Production of materials for pharmaceutical and medical purposes
  • Production of CD discs


The Neutro-Vac system eliminates electrostatic charge on surfaces while cleaning moving films, sheets, belts or other material. The system is effective even at high material movement speed and is able to remove all particles from 25 microns.

Due to its great versatility, the Neutro-Vac can be used for almost any application. The heads can be easily attached to the machine. The length of the head is basically unlimited. The Neutro-Vac device can be used in a variety of applications, e.g. on printing machines, cutting machines, in the production of cardboard and corrugated cardboard, on textile machines, etc. The device is also manufactured in a version intended for environments with the risk of explosion and fire.

DD-Cleaner and DD-CD Cleaner

The DD-Cleaner has been specially designed to neutralize and clean paper or film webs before printing. This system prevents the accumulation of paper dust on the printing plate and deterioration of the print quality. Contamination being considerably reduced, the effective life of the printing plate will be much higher, resulting in higher productivity and improved print quality.